Ok, here’s the story….my beautiful mom and my amazing dad came together & here I am, that was sometime in January on the 19th day of a certain year 🤐 .

The journey of life till this date has been a mixed bag with a lot successes and failure from decisions through to education and even businesses but where’s the fun in being high without a few lows; its the fall that makes the rise bolder.

In time it will be marriage & kids but in the moment its about the people and projects that have in both large & little ways shaped me.

From being the lead creative at ability&toolz to being a blogger at ThePolitanBlog + managing TheShortBlackModel and other projects like BeingThatCr8iv  – I’m thankful

To all readers of www.thepolitanblog.com & my amazing followers on Instagram @GodwinWi not forgetting clients of ability&toolz; God Bless You & Thank You!

What you are about to see is a throwback of moments with a few people that have been there one way or another.

The Mother


Ayomide (the legal) & Eggy (the gang + wingman)


Daniel (the gang) & I


Cassandra, myself & Eggy


Seyi Ragba (The (sometimes) wing-woman)


Stephen (Team ThePolitanBlog)


OparaBoy (The Business Savy)




Maliq (The wordsmith)


Dolapo of May Anthony ( the Supportive Client)


Darmey Hassan (the super runaway model)


Diana Opoti (a friendly inspiration)

I say a BIG THANK YOU; till 365 days…Bye.

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