Is it just me or does anyone else get so headstrong on finishing a particular work & forget that the stomach department is lacking its essential upkeep?

Pick up my grubs from Shawarma&Co

Food & sleep are the things I feel God should have given an express cover to but hey!;  in the end man must chop & no one does taking caring of the stomach like Shawarma & Co. does.

Being a pizza? person, it was not so easy to come around it but in the spirit of trying something new & quicker – shawarma came to mind.

With major deadlines approaching, my creative mind was doing its best to concentrate on my PC – tell that to my empty stomach (*growls*). The aroma of spiced chicken had me more engaged on eating than working

I bet I’m not the only one who can relate to that moment when your brain and your mouth agree on one thing at the same time; making your tongue & appetite water – that was my Shawarma&Co moment.

I literally ripped the wrapping of my shawarma? with one hand while the other hand was picking at the side of potato chips?.

Where do I start [mouth-watering taste]; this Chicken shawarma was life – fillets of chicken, pickled cucumbers, garlic sauce and stuff that dripping off my fingers and lips, and what better way to push it down than a cold glass of water.

Hello! happy stomach, happy me, work well done.

Let’s be clear, I’m far from being a foodie but take it when I tell you good grub is in style this season & Shawarma&Co menu is it?.


photo credit: Ayodeji Stephen | Eggy Olalekan

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