Wow! I’m not even sure I can write anymore, taking down the cobwebs from this site wasn’t an easy task however;  when this awesome Style & Tech and my very good friend Godwin Wi had this initiative to work on a dope-ass collaboration, I was more than excited to do this!

If you are very familiar with Lagos, Nigeria then you would know this location, awesome wall art init?


We tried to achieve  a fine blend of afro-urban and street style on this particular occasion with the African prints and kicks, the trench added the subtle blend of high-fashion feel to the street style look.

So while I was busy trying to strike the perfect pose and stuff, this guy beside me was just goofing around and trying to make me laugh and lose my prestige… (not like I have any). Ironically, Godwin is one of the hardest workers I know, he does a lot of things, but you know all these boss-men that like to pretend to be low-key… So it’s safe to say he plays as hard as he works.


All in the words of Dibia Valentinoe




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