So did you hear about Godwin’s brand, GDWN? 🙄

Wait, I even heard he kicked off a model management agency 🤔

Hello guys, oh yea both are true and as much as I can give a long speech about how both came about, I’ll render just show you whats GDWN is about.

GDWN was coined from my name GODWIN.


GDWN is an afrocentric streetwear brand (or that’s how I like the world to see it)

GDWN is affordable fashion for all sizes

GDWN is for MEN & WOMEN 👦👧

GDWN is based online 🛍📱🖥

All that been said, here’s a look at our first product as photographed on the streets of Lagos by OparaBoy

#WhatGodwinWiWore : GDWN...Testing, 1. 2

#WhatGodwinWiWore : GDWN...Testing, 1. 2


Here’s WhatGodwinWiWore…



Here’s WhatGodwinWiWore…

Top : GDWN (calm) Sweatshirt (click to order)

Trousers : Payporte

Footwear : Adidas Originals

Cap : OparaBoy’s

Eyewear : Ksubi 

Watch : LG G Watch (Androidwear)


Is the GDWN sweatshirt your style?


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