Trust, its been a crazy week (my week is from Tuesday to Tuesday thou 🙊 ) but I’m thankful to God and some amazing people in my life; damn few but amazing.

Recent times has seen some drastic changes in my life and the ripple effect of actions that should have been taken far before now; either way life is a lesson and never be afraid to learn the hard way a times.

The image texture, the partly untucked shirt, the denim and the print blazer is a collective story of a journey travelled by a selfless, caring and open-hearted loner in a world of distress, pain, lack of human respect and falsehood.

#WhatGodwinWiWore : Floating Thoughts + Denim meets Print

I wake with a prayer daily that the world becomes a better place but time and experience has shown that “better place” is not the same to everyone and sometimes this gets to me; this sometimes affects my creative flow and even gets me looking so off and disconnected but in the end, I have to get myself together and beef-up toughness like blue denim and thick layers like a well fitted blazer and fight through each day.

#WhatGodwinWiWore : Floating Thoughts + Denim meets Print

forgive the sermon,

Here’s WhatGodwinWiWore…

Blazer : Custom GDWN Print Blazer

Shirt : Cedar Wood State

Trouser : mkONE Denim

Footwear : Cole Haan Loafers

Watch : LG G Watch (Androidwear)



#WhatGodwinWiWore : Floating Thoughts + Denim meets Print
Keep your head & your faith up.
Laugh in the midst of it all


my random but floating thoughts, what are yours?  | 📸 Boye (SmilesFotografi)

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