Thanks to a friend’s suggestion, I had to give myself a little break as my workload at ability&toolz was affecting my creative flow as a blogger and content creator; it was worth every bit.

I took time out to work on myself, created content with some amazing people (of whom you will meet on a bi-weekly bases) and also made a few changes to the The Politan Blog as you once knew it.


whatgodwinwiwore : the politan comeback ( in buba and denim )

Previously, we featured all content in line with fashion, technology, events and productivity; sharing content like press releases, designer lookbook and other feeds in relation with our core…THATS OLD.

THE NEW is full personal style, tech & productivity content  from me, Godwin.

I am Godwin AKA GodwinWi or GDWN (whichever works); a tech freak & a style enthusiast with a deep love for business and entrepreneurship and over the years as the creative director of a design agency, being able to share my little knowledge is worthy of my time.

So TUESDAYS come with a dose of my personal style alongside some productivity talk while FRIDAYS a preview of my works as a design creative; an image and video

WhatGodwinWiWore : my style adventure weekly (TUESDAYS)

TPBselect : A flatlay & video preview of my favourite TECH and other items monthly (FRIDAYS)

GDWNspeaks : Sharing my take on productivity and entrepreneurship weekly (TUESDAYS & FRIDAYS)

designWERK : A bi-weekly post of my works and work process as the creative director of ability&toolz (a web, graphic, content creation, model management, & PR agency) (FRIDAYS)



They say ” 1 picture can say a thousand words” now imagine how much a video can say.

The videos are just an additional way to share my take on style as a person; I will be talking about how to be more productive and my experience as an entrepreneur for over 8 years now; sometimes I would drop a full unedited video as my VLOG as topics & events come along.

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Issa trailer of my OUTFIT post #WhatGodwinWiWore ⬇


Taking the blog personal gives full room for much more attention to your comments, questions and interactions, so i’m not even proud here…don’t hesitate to follow me on Instagram @GodwinWi or my Twitter @GodwinWi and drop a comment + LET the LIKES come along too 🙏 and I will be sure to reach back.

QUESTIONS relating to each topic on the YouTube channel will be answered either as a comment directly or as a Q&A video; so don’t hold back. KNOWLEDGE IS KEY and trust me, I’m still learning so lets get social, interact and if you see me outside, trust that I would love to interact with you hence “say hello”. (abeg who snubbing epp?)


The official Instagram for is now @GodwinWi



No one should be an island and so there will be a lot of style and productivity post with other blogger, models, entrepreneurs and the likes; so sit join me as we collaborate and growing together.

Want us to collaborate, email : and we will create some magic.


To end this sermon, TO ALL THE PHOTOGRAPHERS, BLOGGERS, BRANDS, FOLLOWERS, FRIENDS & READERS of ThePolitanBlog (@GodwinWi) , I WANT TO SAY THANK YOU 🙏  SO MUCH and lets enjoy this new adventure.

Photography : Boye (smilesfotografi)




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