Apparently, my social media manager (who ran to the UK to be cold 😂 ) said “Boss, people don see the watch for your hand too much oh”; erm…so to my amazing readers an LG G Watch R would be a great replacement, THANK YOU 🙏 but for now…

IW InstaWeather

I’m a lover of the colour BLUE but this lay is far more than the blue; from the jeans trousers to the Nike kicks and my favourite briefcase, this is all about function. Pieces that keep you on the move for any weather and the WatchFace too.

The IW InstaWeather WatchFace is power-packed for adventure having not only the month, day and date but also full weather details + 2 timezones included; making it the perfect travel WatchFace.

You can download it HERE

You have a Smartwatch?, share your fav WatchFace & we will feature it on the blog // You love the combination or you would love to get a smartwatch? drop a comment.

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