From Jzo to Style House File, we at ability&toolz kinda have a thing for fashion from the art of design to its ever changing rules; this makes us open to collaborations with fashion brands and we were excited when ORANGE CULTURE reached out to us.

For the creative director of the brand Adebayo Oke-Lawal, its key to mentor and impact on the younger generation and that being one of our values, we didn’t hesitate in respect to social media flyer design for the CREATIVE WORKSHOP WITH ADEBAYO OKE-LAWAL, organised by Matte Studio and sponsored by Fetswallet & BLDbyPlay.

We designed 2 different flyers


Flyer 1

orange culture workshop with adebayo oke-lawal

Flyer 2

orange culture workshop with adebayo oke-lawal


Both flyers were designed by our UX lead, Godwin Wi // WHICH IS YOUR PREFERRED DESIGN?


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