From the brand’s website to graphics and stationary; we have been working with JZO hence our willingness to be a part of their 2017 collection presentation party in respect to invite design.

The new age of doing business is about knowing your client’s preference so that overtime they really don’t need to explain much and for JZO, minimalist is the key work.

I for one can tell you that sophisticated and minimalist can be tricky; considering that’s what the client requested for in this case for the launch of their RAIN’17 collection.

Here was our initial take…

Draft 1

From the one you see above, the approach was minimalist as possible with a little lay twist but after a few emails…

Draft 2

The beauty of using Adobe Illustrator is the fact that you can scale and move objects without fear of pixellations because of its vector approach. A few copies from the first and a bit of art by incorporating the “rain & umbrella” image but with about 80% opacity. But just when we felt we have nailed it comes…

Draft 3

Having used a WHITE previously, BLACK was the next (remember minimalist and sophisticated is the theme) design approach & with a hint of GOLD.  After getting an exciting reply for the JZO team, we finally had it in the bag.

To Joe & Ola of JZO, we (ability&toolz) say THANK YOU!

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