Wedding Bells people, Wedding bells & to be honest marriage scares the hell out of me not because I don’t like it but from my previous experience with relationships & love; putting a ring on it can either be with someone who is great for you or with someone you find yourself managing because you can to keep things together.

But well Buki as fondly called has found his better half and I was honored when he called me to handle the design of his wedding invite.

With a few pointers from the couples part and I was able to come up with about 4 options but this was the one.

Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator were put to work & with the right typeface, we were as good as gold. Its key to note that sometimes its ok to get PNG or vector templates from the internet to help your design process.

To Funbi & Bukola, I wish you both all the best in your adventure together.


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